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Helen Keller

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Nella Braddy Henney sitting on a large rock under a flowering tree.
Helen Keller

Nella Braddy Henney

Close up of Polly Thomson and Helen Keller's hands, writing.
Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s hands

Tiled image of a book cover and Elizabeth Emerson
Helen Keller

A conversation with Elizabeth Emerson

Living with blindness

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 A College Tour Experience


Second Semester Blog Post


January Blog

Career readiness

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Drawing of a laptop on a desk.

Technology goals required for the workplace

Graphic: Mentoring

Science and engineering mentorship program

Cartoon image of a man working at a desk with his guide dog and text, "Working Blind"

Working Blind Series: Interviews

August wearing glassing sitting and smiling in front of a window.

How my son’s CVI diagnosis broke, then rebuilt my heart

an open book, displaying "CVI" on its pages

Literacy and CVI

graphic of a finger pressing a CVI symbol

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

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