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Helen Keller

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Close up of Polly Thomson and Helen Keller's hands, writing.
Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s hands

Tiled image of a book cover and Elizabeth Emerson
Helen Keller

A conversation with Elizabeth Emerson

Studio portrait of Helen Keller with Mr. Arthur Gilman. Keller is seated and Gilman stands. He is fingerspelling into her hand
Helen Keller

Digitized Helen Keller and Arthur Gilman collection 

Living with blindness

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a photo of a christmas card with wishes of peace

 Holiday Blog

photo of a girl at an orchard

The Harvest of Picking Apples, Blueberries, and Pumpkins

Unexploded bag bomb
Living with blindness

Sandwich Bag Experiment

Career readiness

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Cartoon image of a man working at a desk with his guide dog and text, "Working Blind"

Working Blind Series: Interviews

Blind painter John Bramblitt, wearing dark glasses, a vest and necktie, smiles while sitting in front of one his murals.
Career readiness

Self-expression in art and at work: a Community Conversation with blind painter John Bramblitt

Keynote speaker for STEM Career Showcase, Myles DeBastion, holding a guitar standing between arrays of colored lights.

STEAM Career Showcase 2022

2 screenshots of the Bubbly app: three word choices on the left and a word bubble on the right; Award screen with correct word in the word bubble and confetti on the screen

Bubbly: New CVI literacy app!


Creating high contrast images using your iPhone


What is the leading cause of blindness?

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