Cover of a digital book titled Zoey the Dog. The title and a picture of a golden retriever puppy are on the cover.

Zoey the Dog: iBook

This third grade student created a digital book about her dog.

This month, my third grade student created a digital book about her dog Zoey. This book served several purposes.

  1. Addressing IEP goals to engage in writing, as well as reading digital books using technology
  2. Building student self confidence in reading
  3. Developing social skills through shared reading experiences

My student has difficulty with reading, so I wanted to build confidence in her reading skills so she would be excited about reading a book with her kindergarten Book Buddy each Friday afternoon. Since she loves dogs, we decided to write a book about her dog. The student was familiar with the Book Creator app on the iPad because she had created a digital book with her O&M about shapes in her community. She independently selected the background color, font color and size, picture on each page, and dictated the text. After writing the book, she practiced reading the book using her vision as well as Voiceover before independently recording her voice on each page. While making the book, we talked about past and present tense based on the pictures and story. The student decided to change the tense of the first few pages to past tense because she was talking about her dog being a puppy.  We also discussed the spatial layout of the page, including the location of text, images, and the audio button. The student made sure she placed the audio button in the bottom right corner of each page for consistency. Lastly, the student described the picture on each page so I could add alt text. Today my student read her book successfully!

Attached is a PDF and ePub version of the book. For the purpose of this post, I made a copy of the student’s book and recorded my voice reading each page. 

Zoey the Dog ePub version

Zoey the Dog PDF version



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