Would You Rather? Christmas Activity and Writing Prompt

Use these entertaining questions for hilarious discussions and/or silly writing prompts for Position Papers.

Would you rather be friend with Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? Would you rather wear Santa’s big boots to gym class or wear pointy elf shoes to gym class? These hilarious and thought-provoking “would you rather” questions are great ice-breaking activities. They can also be used to jump start lively discussions or for writing prompts. Download and print the free Would You Rather Christmas Edition for Kids here. The downloaded document is accessible with a screen reader and can also be embossed for braille readers.

Social Game

These Christmas-themed “would you rather” questions can be cut into strips and put in a mason jar or other container. Pull out a question and have a rapid-fire response followed by reasoning why you prefer one over another. They are great discussions for long car rides, around the dinner table or family holiday gatherings!

Position Paper

 A position paper is written to generate support of an issue. Who said the topic has to be boring? Pull out a “would you rather” question and use the question to write a a unique position paper from a silly perspective.  When writing a position paper based on the “would you rather” question, the student should first decide which side he will argue. The student should gather at least three supporting pieces of information and/or resources. Remember, this is a silly position paper, so while the reasoning/support behind the student’s chosen side should be legit, the resources might include made-up interviews with Santa or an article from Elves Edition Newsletter.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for the students to be creative and to have fun while learning about writing a position paper. The paper should have an introduction, body paragraph(s), conclusion and if age-appropriate, works should be cited. (Remember, the resources may be fake; the written citations should be in the correct format.) 

Collage of Would You Rather

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By Diane Brauner