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Working Together to Support Students with Visual Impairments to Access Curriculum

Does your student/child need educational materials in braille or other access to educational materials during the COVID-19 school closures?

The Idea

We know that there are students with visual impairments who do not have full access to online curriculum, supplemental activities, or resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea of this project is to connect students and their families to volunteers who want to provide support during this unprecedented time of need.

How It Works for Students and Families

Fill out the form to describe what support you or your child with a visual impairment need in order to access education. The Student/Family Request Form is here.

How It Works for Volunteers

For example, if you know braille:

For example, if you do not know braille:

To describe how you can provide support, fill out the Support Form here

Have questions or other ideas please contact

Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum, Director of Research, American Foundation for the Blind, [email protected] / 202-469-6837 

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