Why the Easter Bunny Brings Easter Eggs: Folktale

What is the moral of this fun folktale?

This fun European folktale is one explanation of why a bunny brings eggs at Easter. A folktale is a legend or tale that has a moral or lesson and is typically passed down by word of mouth.


After your student reads the story (and answers the questions at the end of the story), discuss the story.


This iBook/PDF is fully accessible with a screen reader and paired braille display. Images have alt tag descriptions.

Note: The iBook version has multiple pictures that students can scroll through; this scrolling picture layout is called a  “carousel”. Unfortunately, the PDF version is limited to the first picture in each carousel.

Download the Easter Bunny iBook here (open in Apple Books).

Download the Easter Bunny PDF here.

Collage of Why the Easter Bunny Brings Easter Eggs: Folktale

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By Diane Brauner

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