Dr. Cary Supalo

Who Are the Scientists with a Visual Impairment?

This assignment came about in order to encourage my students to consider the work of scientists and mathematicians who are visually impaired.

Students research a scientist or mathematician of their choice who is blind or visually impaired and write an essay on the chosen individual.  

This assignment was designed to be done outside of class as an extra credit assignment but could be completed in class.

In this case, students will need the means to research the scientist of choice.  I would recommend taking the class to the library to research or allowing students to work on devices if internet access is available. Assist as necessary.


Research the life and work of a scientist who is blind or visually impaired.  You may choose one from the following list or choose any other visually impaired scientist.



Credit for the assignment will be given as follows

NGSS Standards

Grades 3-5 Engineering Design

Influence of Science, Engineering, and Technology on Society and the Natural World

Science is a Human Endeavor

Middle School – Structure and Properties of Matter

By Laura Hospitál

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Collage of researching scientists with visual impairments
One-eyed monster wearing a white shirt and tie holding a computer.

Monster: Note taking skills

A space camp student standing inside a full space suit smiles at the camera.

Space Camp: Helping students with disabilities reach new heights

Woman surrounded by and linked to images of files, documents computer, setting gears, etc. symbolizing learning management system.

Using Blackboard Ally with low vision