Photo of White Cane Day Boom Deck with stick figure student with white cane and O&M on crosswalk.

White Cane Day Boom Cards

Free Boom Cards for White Cane Day!

White Cane Day (now recognized worldwide) is October 15th. Established in 1964, White Cane Day also known as White Cane Safety Day, was used to raise awareness of people who carry a white cane. In 2011, the day was renamed, Blind Americans Equality Day and the emphasis shifted to recognizing the movement of blind people from dependency to activity participation in society and is used to celebrate the achievement of blind people.

Jeanette, a fellow TVI, has shared a fun game she created for White Cane Day. Here is what Jeanette wrote, “Here is a TPT link to a FREE download of a game for use on the Boom Learning Platform. This Boom Card Deck shares basic information about the White Cane Day. It is an easy instructional tool for low vision users, parents/caregivers and teachers who want to learn visually. As for accessibility, Boom Learning writes, “We are not currently compliant with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). However, authors creating decks can make Boom Cards that are VPAT compliant using audio, color, and font size features.” As the author, I’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible using audio information, large print, low clutter and high contrast text which should be more accessible for low vision users.”

There are six topic areas:

White Cane Boom Card Deck with menu of 6 options.

Link to free TPT and the White Cane Day Boom Card Deck.

Jeanette’s Boom Resources

Here are the available Boom Decks designed to introduce dual media students or people with vision to braille:

By Diane Brauner