Photos of two students walking in a school hallway: 1 using a long cane & 1 using an AMD.

White Cane Day 2020: Pete the Cat Video

Students celebrating White Cane Day, Pete the Cat style!

These students created a fun video showing off their cane techniques for White Cane Day 2020. The students modified the popular Pete the Cat book, I Love My White Shoes and the accompanying song, I Love My White Shoes by James Dean and Eric Litwin. 

In this video, students demonstrating cane techniques as they travel around the school hallways and outside within the community while singing about their white canes. the video includes students using a traditional white cane, a white cane with a Dakota tip (large flat tip that smoothly runs along sidewalks and grass) and an adapted mobility device (AMD) in a rectangular shape made out of PVC pipe. The students are wearing face masks due to the pandemic.


By Diane Brauner

4x4 grid of the snowman Sudoku puzzle with snowman, carrot and hat images.

Snowman Sudoku: Logical Thinking

Donner wireless foot pedal and music note

forScore app for low vision: Donner foot pedal

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