Girl wearing a red hijab walking down a sidewalk using a long cane.

What is this O&M? Parent perspective video

Have families, teachers or administrators who do not understand all the pieces that make up O&M? Share this video!

What is O&M? Is it important?

Does my child need O&M? Is O&M worth pulling my child out of the regular curriculum?

It’s just a long cane, what’s the big deal? Can I (parents or other educators) teach it myself?

Why does my child/student need O&M every year? Can it be a “one and done” instruction?

As an O&M, I often have to justify O&M hours with parents, classroom teachers and administration. This is an amazing video to share with families and educators who do not understand what O&M is all about or who are skeptical about O&M.

The video is about one incredible family and their eye-opening O&M journey with their daughter.

The video was first posted on the Orientation and Mobility Specialists Group Facebook page.

After watching the video, one O&M stated, “As an O&M specialists, can’t help but love every moment of this video!”

Another O&M shared, “This is a fabulous video – not only for parents but could also be a great recruitment aid!”

Credits go to the amazing O&M, Caitlyn Blodget.

by Diane Brauner

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