Image: Cover of the book What Can Swim? Includes title and an image of a Golden Retriever swimming in the water.

What Can Swim?

A digital accessible book for emerging/young readers!

This year, I created over thirty digital accessible books for one of my students using the Book Creator App. Attached is the final book I created using pictures from the Internet. The original book is What Can Swim? by Michele Dufresne. The only drawback I have found to using this app to create digital books, is that the text can’t be accessed using a refreshable braille display when reading the book in an ePub format with the Books app. To read the book using a refreshable braille display, a student must select the Read Mode button located on the upper right side of the app. Using Voiceover with the Books apps, the books are accessible reading aloud the alt text and text on each page. This summer, I will explore making books using iBooks Author with my MacBook Air, in hopes that both the alt text and text are fully accessible when using a screen reader and braille display. I’ll also be exploring accessible digital books using Books on a MacBook with Voiceover and refreshable braille display.   

Download What Can Swim epub here.


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