Two grinning kindergarten students with arms around each other.

Well, brl is my thing!

Creative ways to make learning braille "your thing"!

I fell in love with the Braille videos created by two kindergarten students and their TSVI. . . and just had to learn more about these two adorable rock stars and the story behind their videos.

Niki Rogers is the TSVI mastermind behind these two eager braille learners. When asked to create a quick video about braille and why she made the Braille videos, 6-year-old Daphne exclaimed, “Well, brl is my thing!”

Daphne’s video:

Sierra talks about making the Braille videos with Chatterpix video software: 

Sierra also shares what she likes about school in this video:

Creative Braille activities

Besides creating braille videos, Niki has many creative teaching ideas to make learning braille fun. Activities such as:

Two kindergarten students sitting on the sidewalk surrounded by colorful chalk simulated braille messages. One student is making a chalk drawing of her long cane.

Everyone works hard all year and having fun activities keeps the students on their toes! Niki shared, “Creating the Braille videos was a game changer in motivation here at the end of the school year!!!”

Grinning Daphne, Niki and Sierra; Sierra has a unicorn headpiece and is holding a stuffed animal.


By Diane Brauner

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