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Webinar: Learn how to create accessible charts, graphs, and maps

This free webinar is geared for students with VIB middle school and up! Recorded webinar and resources now available.

Update: The recording of the webinar and the related resources are now available on the SAS website here.

I’m a blind professional. I lost my vision about 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve been very frustrated by the almost total lack of access to charts, graphs, maps, and other mainstream data visualizations.

I can read data in a tabular format with my screen reader. I can print tactile graphics on my embosser. I can print models on my 3D printer. However, I can’t keep up with my sighted peers because they use data visualization technology to obtain insights thousands of times faster than I can.

So, several years ago I started working on a software product to fill this gap. Today, I can import data and create many types of charts, graphs, and maps with just a few keystrokes. Then, I can interactively explore them using sound. In many cases, I can now obtain the same insights as my sighted peers in roughly the same amount of time.

You can use this product free of charge. I would love to show you how to get started. Please join me at 3:00 PM EST on April 15 for a free webinar.

Registration is required. The webinar will be hosted on Zoom. It will also be recorded.

Learn more and register here:


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