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We Code, Too!! Part 4: Swift Playgrounds

As part of the We Code, Too!! series, this post includes a PowerPoint about coding with Apple's Swift Playground.

Ms. Grace Minter is a legally blind guide dog user, who hears through a cochlear implant.  She is dedicated to spreading the message that physical limitations can be overcome with the right attitude, and that literacy is key to achieving that goal.  Ms. Minter has presented at the We Code, Too!! Conference at the Governor Morehead School. She has also helped the GMS students learn to code using the Swift Playgrounds app.  

Ms. Grace Minter is also the creator and author of The Blind Bibliophile, an educational website to support families with visually impaired children. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping each of her beloved students realize just how much they are capable of and attain their highest level of fulfillment. Most of all, Ms. Minter is a life-long learner who loves discovering new ways to empower students with disabilities to reach for the stars.


As part of the NC Digital Learning Planning Grant, the GMS staff developed the following presentations and lessons to share. Please enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Links to these coding lessons will be added as the lessons are published on Paths to Technology.

Photo of Grace Minter standing in her classroom with her hand on the head of her Leader Dog.

By Grace Minter, 

Braille Literacy Teacher at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind

PDF iconUpdatedSwift Playgrounds and The Power of Play by Grace Minter.pdf

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