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There are over 70 accessible Blindfold games - here is how you can help support additional educational games!

Blindfold Games are auditory-based games specifically created for students and adults who are visually impaired or blind. Many of these games are accessible, auditory versions of popular mainstream board games, TV games and apps. There are currently 70+ Blindfold games and growing!

Did you know that a number of these games were designed to specifically to be used by TVIs for educational purposes? Several games were created specifically to address tech skills needed by students who are visually impaired in order to learn and practice specific tech skills required to be successful in the digital classroom and to be successful in taking online assessments. Marty, the developer of Blindfold games, creates games that are requested by blind users and requested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs). 

Blindfold Games used for Educational Purposes

Below are Paths to Technology posts about using Blindfold Games for educational purposes. Some of these games are very basic games that can be used to introduce young children to technology while other games are created to teach specific tech skills and educational goals.

Blindfold Bop Game: Teach VoiceOver Gestures (now called Blindfold Bop Gesture Game)

Blindfold Tic Tac Toe: Digital Math Grid Game

Blindfold Sea Battle: Accessible Battleship Game that Reinforces Grid Concepts

Digital Transitions #2: Math Grid Activities (explains need for students to learn how to navigate digital grids & activities include several Blindfold games)

Blindfold Bowling: iOS Spatial Concepts App (also great for O&M!)

Blindfold Sound Search (sound matching game)

Blindfold Barnyard: an iOS App (cardinal directions – also great for O&M)

Blindfold Hopper (introduction to sonification – sounds and pitches have meaning!)

Blindfold Games: Braille Spin & Solve (teaches/supports learning braille contractions)

 Blindfold Word Games: Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble

Blindfold Games start off as free games with additional levels, coins, etc. that can be purchased within the app for a nominal fee. As a TVI, I thoroughly appreciate that I am able to try the game myself and/or with a student before making a purchase. Previewing the game provides insights as to whether the game is appropriate for my student and/or whether the game can be used to teach a specific educational skill.

Blindfold Games User Survey Results

There were hundreds of responses to the recent Blindfold Games survey. Most people have downloaded 26 or more games and have purchased around 5 games. More than one-third of the survey takers have purchased at least 10 games.

Additional Questions & Answers

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By Diane Brauner

screenshot of a young man using the Seeing AI app for indoor navigation.

Seeing AI: Indoor Navigation

Colorfully decorated red, white and pink heart cookies for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Tech Activities

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Technology goals required for the workplace