Boy with CVI sliding down a metal slide

Voices of the CVI community

Blogs, websites, a podcast, and a book from CVI parents and individuals with CVI

The CVI community has a lot to say.

We are grateful for CVI parents and individuals with CVI who take the time to share their personal stories with the world. The collective voice of CVI families continues to grow. Our stories create awareness. And awareness creates change. 

Eyeless Mind: A Memoir about Seeing and Being Seen, a family’s story about discovering their son’s CVI and unique neuroplastic verbal-visual processing at the age of fifteen

Kaleidoscope: The CVI Podcast, interviews with CVI parents and individuals with CVI.

Little Bear Sees, CVI parent-created website that shares her son’s story and what she’s learned about CVI

Nicola McDowell’s Blog, an incredible individual with acquired CVI shares her experiences 

The CVI Perspective, a rich, vulnerable and truth-telling blog by an adult with CVI

Parent Blogs about their own CVI journey

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