Image of scanned PDF with images in Voice Dream Reader; two fingers pinching to zoom in on image.

Voice Dream Scanner and Voice Dream Reader Demo

Check out this OCR app that was created specifically for users with visual impairments!

Voice Dream Reader is a popular and fully accessible reading tool for students with vision impairments, dyslexia or other print disabilities. Voice Dream Reader is a text to speech app, with additional features offering a variety of voices, highlighting, text formatting, and other options. Voice Dream Scanner is a new OCR app that can be used in tandem with Voice Dream Reader. 

Teacher of the Visually Impaired Jessica McDowell shares a video tutorial on using Voice Dream Scanner and Voice Dream Reader. By scanning print documents or opening inaccessible PDFs in Voice Dream, the text can be OCRed (Optical Character Recognition) and listened to with text-to-speech or visual settings adjusted.

This easy-to-follow video demonstration includes:


Collage of Voice Dream Scanner

By Diane Brauner

Symbol representing a written document.

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