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Voice Dream Reader: Subscription controversy?

Subscription or not? Here's the latest about Voice Dream Reader.

Voice Dream Reader is the popular accessible reading tool with advanced text-to-speech options and a highly configurable screen layout. Voice Dream Reader supports reading PDF and Word documents, textbooks, camera scans, eBooks and web pages, and is integrated with Bookshare and cloud storage services. For many students and STEM professionals, Voice Dream Reader is also a favorite way to read digital math equations.


Lately, Voice Dream Reader has been a controversial topic.

The current price for Voice Dream Reader for new subscribers is now about $80 per year.

Response from Applause Group

Hi everyone,

Following our recent announcement to transition Voice Dream to a subscription, we received an overwhelming response from thousands in our community. Your feedback, along with the impactful stories shared about Voice Dream being a pivotal part of your daily lives, has led us to reverse this change.

We will continue to provide access to the app’s existing features at no additional cost.

As we continue developing Voice Dream, some new features may be offered as part of a subscription, but the current capabilities will remain free to those who have already purchased Voice Dream.

For those who have already moved to a subscription, it’s no longer necessary to continue using the app. You may cancel your subscription, but we welcome you to keep it active to support ongoing development.

To those who wish to support Voice Dream, please consider a subscription, a one-time donation via our website, or simply leaving a positive review in the App Store.

We sincerely thank you for your passionate and loyal support of Voice Dream. Your voices have made a difference.

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By Diane Brauner

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