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VO Lab App: Learning VO Gestures

Have a middle or high school student who is learning VoiceOver gestures? This app is for you!

Sonokids has just released an exciting new iOS app called VO Lab.  This app is designed for 14+ to learn basic VoiceOver gestures.  The app is interactive and engaging for all ages!  Follow the strange professor in his chemistry laboratory as you prepare an experiment with fictional chemicals for an unknown outcome . . .

VO Lab incorporates intriguing sounds throughout the games as students move through four-multi-level stages.  

VoiceOver Gestures Learned

For descriptions of the gestures, teacher hints, and additional instructions, go to the Sonokids website.

This app is fully accessible with VoiceOver; however, the app is designed for users who do not yet know VoiceOver. The app verbalizes all directions and is self-voicing.  It is recommended to turn off VoiceOver while using the app.  The app is also designed for students who have low vision with clear, high contrast images.

As a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, I am pleased to see how this app encourages students to listen. Students must listen to the full set of instructions before the app will move forward to the next activity.  This app has visuals that will appeal to students with low vision as well as intriguing sounds that are motivating for everyone.  Do you have a low vision student who is resistant to learning a screen reader?  This is the perfect app to introduce these students to basic VoiceOver gestures!  Since the app is designed to be played without turning VoiceOver on and the story plot is so engaging, students are not even aware that they are learning VoiceOver gestures!

Do you have a young student (preschool/early elementary student) learning VoiceOver?  Be sure to see the posts about Ballyland Magic app review and Ballyland Rotor app review.

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