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Virtual Instruction: Accessibyte Apps

Looking for free, accessible lessons that students can do at home if your school closes?

Accessibyte Online is a series of accessible educational games designed specifically for students who are visually impaired or blind. Accessibyte is compatible with iOS, Mac, Chromebook, Windows and Android devices, working on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Accessibyte requires a physical keyboard and access to the Internet through the Google Chrome web browser. Accessibyte typically requires a yearly license and an option for a temporary trial period. 

Accessibyte is currently offering everyone free access to all of their apps! Below is Accessibyte’s statement:

“In order to help support teachers and students during this complex time, Accessibyte would like to offer free access to our full range of apps. We hope this helps in situations where schools are closed or travel is difficult.

We want ALL students to have a remote learning option. That can be tricky for students relying on assistive technology. Our apps can be accessed from school or home and have visual and audible accessibility built right into the browser. We built these apps to support students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, have reading difficulties or just want something fun and different.

This free period is set for 45 days by default but will be extended beyond that if necessary.

If you already have a standard Typio Online account, you will automatically have access to the full Accessibyte Online platform during this time.”

For more information, go to Accessibyte’s website.

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