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Vermont Farm Lesson: Elementary Student

Farm lesson for elementary students which includes an accessible book, non-visual map, and activities!

During the Perkins Non-Visual Digital Map workshop, orientation and mobility specialists learned how to create, use and apply non-visual digital map skills. Each participant was asked to create a map and to write a short scenario on how she/he would use her/his non-visual digital map during an O&M lesson. This is the Vermont Farm map and lesson geared for elementary school students. (See Vermont Farm: Drawing Conclusions from an O&M Map post; this post also includes additional Fun Facts about the Vermont Farm that are not included in the book or map.) the Scenario 1 lesson geared for middle or high school students.)

When Mrs. Bissonette shared her map assignment, it sparked a discussion about various things on her farm. She created a terrific early reader book, Farm Buildings. (See Farm Buildings Book post.) Scenario 2 is a a lesson that combines reading the book and exploring the map as an O&M (or social studies farm-related!) lesson for an elementary student.

Lesson Goal: Scenario 2

The goal of this lesson is to use the Vermont Map and the Farm Buildings Book to support farm concepts, vocabulary and map skills.


  1. To build farm-related concepts
  2. To build farm-related vocabularly: barn, loft, milking parlor, stanchion, bulk tank, bunker, silo, garage, cupola, chicken coop, manure storage tank
  3. To build a mental map of the farm layout

General Book Questions

Read the Farm Buildings Book.  Discuss the vocabularly words.

  1. Describe the Vermont Farm barn.
  2. What kind of animals can be found on this farm?
  3. What is silage? Name two ways that it is stored.
  4. What kind of crop(s) do you think the farm grows? Why?
  5. How do the cows give back to the farm?

General Map Questions

Vermont Farm Map

Using the non-visual digital map, answer the following questions:

  1. How many houses are listed in the map?
  2. Which house is closest to the majority of the farm buildings?
  3. Which house is the farthest from the majority of the farm buildings?
  4. Move to the Main Farm house; how far is the wood processor?
  5. If you are at the Main Farm house, where is Peanut Hill? If you are at Grandma’s house, where is Peanut Hill?
  6. Name main three roads that surround the farm. Describe the shape that these three roads. Is the farm contained between these three roads? Why or why not?


The map, Scenario 1 and the Farm Buildings Book were created by S. Bissonette.

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