Colorfully decorated red, white and pink heart cookies for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Tech Activities

Have fun with these flirty Valentine puns, trivia questions and other digital Valentine's Day activities!

Original post published February 7, 2019; updated February 2, 2023.

For elementary students, February 14 is a colorful day full of red, pink, and white decorations, candy hearts and cards with fun sayings. Teachers in techy classrooms are using Valentine’s Day themed activities to incorporate fun tech activities into this traditional holiday. What skills have your students been working on? Research, writing, creating a document, presentation slide deck, or ePub book? Turn these activities into a Valentine card project!

Clever Puns

On their device, ask your students to create Valentine-related puns. Depending on the student’s grade, the assignment might be to create a Valentine Card by typing and printing/embossing their pun. The pun can be added to homemade card made out of construction paper, foam Valentine’s day stickers, etc. The student can create a digital Valentine’s Day card as a word document. Add a picture (find a picture online, draw your own picture, or snap a photo), auditory clip or video clip of the student saying his pun! If adding a picture, be sure to add a description of the picture. Turn this into a fun class project by having each student create a presentation slide (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote). Add each slide to make a Valentine deck that can be shared with everyone in the class. (Learn more about making accessible documents and PowerPoints here.) Turn this into an ePub book by adding each student’s page into an ePub book using Book Creator or other book creating app. Share your finished project here on Paths to Technology!

To download the free Valentine’s Day Puns iBook and PDF here.

Need ideas to brainstorm fun Valentine puns?

Candy Puns

For a yummy hands-on activity, bring in various types of candies. Ask your students to create a Valentine ‘pun’ around the name of the candy. Need ideas to help get you started?

  1. Tootsie Rolls: I like the way you roll!
  2. Life Savers: Valentine, you float my boat!

See attached Clever Candy Puns  for more ideas.

Variation: Have the class create a list of candy types. From this list, ask students to choose a candy and come up with their own pun.

Clever Puns with School Supplies

Try creating clever puns with common school supplies! Here are a few examples:

  1. Crayons: You color my world
  2. Ruler: You rule
  3. Highlighter: You’re the highlight of my day
  4. Glue: Let’s stick together
  5. Pen/Pencil: You’re just write for me

Clever Puns with Toys

Try created clever puns with favorite toys! Here are some examples:

  1. Playing Cards: 52 things I love about you
  2. Puzzle: We fit together perfectly
  3. Matchbox car: I wheelie like you

See attached Clever Puns with Toys for more ideas!


Find out more about Valentine’s Day. Ask your student to be a reporter – what kind of interesting tidbits can they write about focusing on Valentine-related topics?

FYI: Did you know that teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets?

Valentine’s Day Trivia

Create an accessible digital version of Valentine’s Day Trivia using Google Forms. (Learn more about creating accessible multiple choice questions using Google Forms here.)

See attached Valentine’s Day Trivia.

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By Diane Brauner

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