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Using JAWS in Tandem with a Student

JAWS Tandem enables "hands-on" remote JAWS training!

There is a built-in feature that comes with JAWS that allows you to connect your computer to your students’ computer over the internet and allows you to hear JAWS through your computer speakers. This feature also allows you to interact with your students’ computer using either JAWS keystrokes or the mouse.  

I have found it quite useful because even if I can guide students through sharing their screens with me when using Zoom, I often cannot hear JAWS very well.  

I’m attaching directions that go step-by-step and describe what you need to have the student do on their computer and what you need to do on your computer as well.  

Note: you do not have to be running a full version of JAWS.  You can run a demo on your computer, but the important part is that both you and your student need to be running the same version. Instructions on determining the student’s version of JAWS are included in the document.

Using JAWS Tandem with Students

If you have a JAWS student and you would like to be able to observe what they are doing on their computer with JAWS or assist them with your mouse or keystrokes, you can utilize a built into JAWS feature called JAWS Tandem.

There are two parts to JAWS Tandem, the one sending the meeting code and the one receiving the meeting code.

In order to connect your computer to your students’ computer, you would need to send the meeting code and they would be receiving it.

An important note: in order to perform JAWS Tandem, both the one receiving the code as well as the one sending the code must be using the same version of JAWS.  

Determine the JAWS Version

In order for the student to determine their version of JAWS have them do the following:

If you and the student do not have the same version of jaws, this will not work. I download a demo of their version if I am able to install software.

To Initiate a meeting with a Student

To initiate a meeting with the student do the following:

On the student computer:

On your computer:

Useful Keystrokes to Know

The two videos below demonstrate using JAWS Tandem.


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