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Using a Digital Map for Work Travel

An independent traveler uses an accessible digital map to prepare for work-related travel.

Research Triangle Park is one of the largest high-tech research and development centers in the US and is a model for research, innovation, and economic development. A place where educators, researchers and businesses collaborate, RTP is nestled between Duke University in Durham, North Carolina State University in Raleigh and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. RTP companies and university programs frequently partner on projects; public transportation regularly runs between RTP and the university campuses.

A computer scientist working in RTP is an upcoming guest speaker for a computer science course at the University of North Carolina. This professional, who happens to be blind, will travel between RTP and the UNC campus using the 800 Transit Bus. This bus will drop him off by the Student Center and from there, the professional will walk to Sitterson Hall, the computer science building. Wanting to preview the area, the professional used a customized accessible digital map to explore and virtually build a mental map of the campus area around the Student Center bus stop, the computer science building and where these campus locations are in relationship to the city of Chapel Hill. Before catching the outbound bus, he also planned a quick stop for lunch at his favorite lunch spot, the Trolley Stop. This customized map provided information related only to this traveler’s specific needs for this particular trip; the guest lecturer did not need information about the entire UNC campus or Chapel Hill.

To view the accessible digital map used for this activity, install the free SAS Graphics Accelerator, Google Chrome extension.

Directions for uploading customized digital maps can be found in the SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps: Student Uploading and Accessing Maps post. Follow these directions to upload the UNC Campus, Sitterson Hall map.

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