Client standing in covered entry way holding an iPhone open to the My Places BlindSquare screen.

Using BlindSquare to Develop a Mental Map of Environment

Familiarize new clients to our campus using BlindSquare to provide information and to build mental mapping in "look around mode".

High Tech O&M Lesson Plan: Look Around & Mental Mapping


iPhone, Blind Square (BS) App


In the past when working with clients on familiarization to a new travel area, I introduced the area with a tactile map and then we went out and walked the area.  BS provided me with an extra tool to reinforce the mental map we are trying to build when familiarizing to a new area.  After working with the tactile map with this client, I chose to use to the Look Around feature in combination with pointing to destinations.   The ability to get a “picture” of the campus, not just a specific route is an important part of mental mapping.  The skill of mental mapping will enhance my client’s ability to understand a campus, neighborhood and maybe even a small town. 


Familiarize new clients to our campus by walking out the front door and listening to what is around us by using BS to provide information in look around mode.

Prior to lesson



1.     Walk out the main entrance to our start point

2.     Review clock pattern at that location

3.     Holding the device out in front of us, we access the look around feature to have it list and announce My Places so that we can locate the different destinations on campus.  

My Places screen displaying campus POIs: such as Lineberry Building, Cox dorm, Lineberry Lane sidewalk, garden, main entrance

4.     Point with hand towards the destinations as BS is announcing them.

Client holding an iPhone and pointing in the direction of the desired POI.

5.     Repeat locations with BS and pointing.

6.     Have the client point out the locations without BS.   Provide correction as needed by using hand over hand to adjust the arm direction towards the destinations.

Follow up lessons:  We will use BS to review destinations out the front door


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