Using Typing Feedback to help teach keyboarding skills to students with low vision.

Typing Feedback: iOS 10 feature

Information about Typing Feedback, a new iOS 10 feature that low visions students can use to learn keyboarding skills.

Do you have a low vision student who is learning keyboard skills on an iPad paired with a Bluetooth keyboard?  Take a look at the new iOS 10 feature that provides instant character feedback as the student types!  To turn on Typing Feedback, go to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content Typing Feedback > Character Feedback. Other typing speaking options that can be turned on/off are by:

Students who are learning to spell and learning to type may want to turn on typing feedback to hear every character. If the student has trouble understanding the announcement of a single character, turn on Character Hints. Note: If a student is editing a document, it is recommended to use the rotor (set to characters) and move character by character to hear each character announced. Proofing a long document by listening to each character would be overwhelming!

If  student is learning to read/write words, the option Speak Words may be beneficial.

Do you have favorite keyboarding activities?  Please share them with us!

In the video below Jessica demonstrates how to turn on the typing feedback options and then demonstrates how typing feedback works.


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