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Try ObjectiveEd’s games for free!

Summer is the perfect time to try the ObjectiveEd suite of accessible learning games!

By now you have heard about ObjectiveEd, but have you tried it? ObjectiveEd is offering FREE trials! ObjectiveEd empowers teachers and students with disabilities with a suite of accessible learning games along with the tools to track and promote progress. Their interactive digital curriculum and gamified education targets the unique needs of students who are blind or low vision. Checkout the impressive lineup of games available for Pre-K through high school students who are blind or low vision!

Current games

Learn more about each game on the ObjectiveEd website. Here is a brief breakdown of the current games and skills:

Orientation and Mobility


Assistive Technology


Braille Literacy

These games use a braille sheet overlay on top of an iPad; some of the games require a braille display.



Free trial

The ObjectiveEd games listed above are available as a free trial. Take advantage of this opportunity to try these games! Sign up for the Free ObjectiveEd skill-building games trial.

TSVIs: Summer is a great time for you to try these games!

New games

Sonic Math Fundamentals is a fully developed game that has not yet been released. This game uses sonified lines that enable preschool and kindergarten student to learn how to trace a digital line and to identify line characteristics (long, short, right/left lines, up/down lines and diagonal lines) and different sounds indicate different colored lines. The game applies these skills to identify basic shapes.

VoiceOver Playground is an app designed to introduce students ages 3-8 to VoiceOver, VoiceOver gestures, concepts and basic reading, writing and editing skills using a braille display. A version of this app has been released in Canada and the U.S. version will be released fall of 2024.

Sonic Math and VoiceOver Playgrounds are NOT available in the free trial.


General ObjectiveEd resources

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