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Transportation sound book: ePub and tactile graphic activities

Vroom-vroom! Driving literacy and graphics skills with this fun transportation-themed sound book!

Vroom-vroom! Little boys (and girls!) love big vehicles and the sounds these vehicles make. The engine sound is the heart, and some might even say the soul, of a vehicle. Beep-beep-beep-beep when backing up, a deep rumble when moving forward, Chuga-chuga-choo-choo are favorite vehicle sounds that kids instantly identify and mimic. 

This engaging teacher-created ePub book, Transportation, will quickly become a favorite! Each page has one clear image on a black background and the corresponding audio button. Capturing the attention of emerging and young readers, this book is ideal for students with low vision, no vision, CVI or multiple disabilities.

Download the Transportation Sounds ePub (ePub) by Andrea Billelo

Tactile graphics

Simple coloring page image of a commercial plane.

The book contains:

Additional images:

Select the desired transportation to download the coloring page to be printed and/or to create a raised line image.

Print these digital images on capsule paper. Run the capsule paper through a PIAF or Swell machine to create simple raised line drawings. The attached images were picked for simplicity while showing the distinguishing characteristics of each vehicle type. However, when possible, create a raised line image that closely matches the student’s toy. Example: the student’s toy plane might be a passenger plane vs. an open two-seater amphibian plane; these two plane types would have some similar features (wings and tail) and other features are very different (wheels vs. floats).

Pull out your student’s favorite transportation toys while reading the book and listening to the book’s audio clips. Talk about the distinguishing characteristics of the toy, then using the raised line images, ask the student to find and identify those same characteristics. The tactile images support emerging graphic literacy skills, build concepts and vocabulary, and can be an inclusion coloring activity as peers color their pages. If desired, add a braille label to each tactile image.

As always when creating tactile graphics, keep the goal in mind. Is the student learning to identify a plane from other types of transportation vehicles or is the student learning to identify different types of planes? What is the student’s current tactile graphics skill level? Keep in mind that complex drawings require that the student have higher level tactile graphics skills!  As always, raised lines that are too close together cannot be easily identified tactually. Introducing simple tactile graphics early will help build concepts and graphic literacy skills which lay the foundation for more complex educational graphics required in higher grades.


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