Transition Talks workshop #4: College Pathways for Young Adults with Disabilities

In our 4th Transition Talks workshop, we explored the differences between inclusive college programs and how to find a program that will be a fit, while also considering how to ensure college success.

About the webinar

In the 4th Transition Talks workshop in our 2023 – 24 series, we explored college pathways for young adults with disabilities, discussing the differences between inclusive college programs, accommodations students and families should consider now, and steps students can take to move toward college success. We also discussed how Executive Functioning, Resilience and Anxiety come into play when planning for college.


Leslie Thatcher, Director of Program Development and Strategy, Perkins Transition Center

Jane Thierfield Brown, College Autism Spectrum

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About Transition Talks

Transition Talks workshops are a series of monthly, virtual workshops hosted by Perkins and industry experts, designed to help you plan your blind or visually impaired young adult’s future after High School. These workshops are open to families from across the country. Throughout the year, we’re tackling robust topics including the self-determined IEP, housing options, college pathways for young adults with disabilities, state and federal benefits, guardianship, financial and legal planning and more.


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