Image of earth from space.

Tour of the Solar System

Join your flight crew in a visit to the moon, sun and planets!

Imagine that you are inside a spaceship that is equipped with a ‘sonification machine’ that turns light into sound. Pre-flight tests are conducted to train you to recognize what the different sounds represent and to practice tracking the location of the sounds. Learn about the stars, sun, moon and planets – which are presented with unique sounds and visuals.

Tour of the Solar System is a 35-minute audio-visual show about the solar system, an educational experience available for both full-dome planetarium format and flat-screen format. The show uses stereo sound and for full emersion, stereo headphones or placed stereo speakers should be used. Tour of the Solar System for flat screen is available in English, Italian and Spanish. The full-dome version is available in English, Spanish, Italian and German, with Japanese expected soon. Designed by Audio Universe, Tour of the Solar System soundtrack was created before the visuals and extensive feedback from the VI community to design a show with the correct balance between scientific accuracy and producing a musically-pleasing show.

Tour of the Solar System flat-screen show in English:


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