Computer screen running Tinkercad program showing a red cube with yellow sphere through the center.

Tinkercad: 3-D Software Design

High School student with low vision demonstrates using Tinkercad.

I’d like to share my experience with you about Tinkercad the 3-D printing Design Software. I first started using the software when I was a freshman at my high school. My computer graphics teacher Mr. Milstead is a great role model and loves working with his students. I started off by making small things using Tinkercad. Then I expanded over time and have made some more involved projects such as my 3-D Printed puzzle of Mount Everest made in 2014 (when I was a sophomore). I also have been working on a Monopoly game.



I have low vision and using a iMac I currently use the zoom feature from the accessibility settings.

Tinkercad is a web based program used to create 3-D designs. 

Here are a few of my designs I have made over the past few years in class. The first image is a large 3D printed penny painted with copper-colored paint.

Image of a dollar bill with large 3D printed penny.

The next image is the initial J made out of wood designed with Tinkercad and created with a laser printer (an electronic laser cutter can be connected to a computer and designs can be engraved or cut out of wood).

Palm holding a wooden J that contains small air holes.

The last image is my 3D Mount Everest Puzzle.

4 piece 3D puzzle in the shape of Mount Everest.

Have you used Tinkercad before?  If not, you should give it a try.  It’s a lot of fun!

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