Matthew Shifrin, founder of Lego for the Blind, stands smiling in a classroom of young students

The power and possibilities of braille: A community conversation with Matthew Shifrin

In this Career Launch speaker series event, Brian Switzer and Matthew Shifrin talk about why braille matters in the 21st century

In this session, Brian Switzer, author, deafblind athlete and Assistive Tech Instructor for Career Launch @ Perkins hosted an interactive conversation with Matthew Shifrin, podcaster, entrepreneur and founder of Lego for the Blind.

Their wide-ranging discussion covered everything from braille, disability advocacy and allyship in the workplace to some super-creative ideas Matthew has for using Legos to make everyday life easier for people who are blind or visually impaired. (Rock-climbing! Orientation and mobility training! Want to know more? You’ll just have to watch.)

Matthew is a fascinating guy! If you want to learn more about him, watch his TED Talk, “How I helped make LEGO accessible to the blind,” or check out his podcast, Blind Guy Travels.

And if you want to learn more about Career Launch @ Perkins, our innovative job training and career services program for blind and visually impaired adults who are ready to start professional, career-track jobs, get in touch!

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