The Perkins CVI Protocol

A first-of-its-kind digital assessment tool based in scientific research and inclusive of all kids with CVI.

An educational roadmap for the whole child

The CVI Center at Perkins is changing the way the world thinks about CVI by bringing together leading voices in the field, providing comprehensive educational opportunities for professionals across the country and around the globe, building a community of parents and arming them with the resources to effectively advocate for their children, and serving as a hub for the rigorous learning and innovation that will drive systemic change. The development of the Perkins CVI Protocol is at the heart of this effort. 

The Perkins CVI Protocol will change the game for those who need it most.

This groundbreaking CVI protocol (in development) is rooted in the most current scientific research and is being developed in collaboration with leading academics in the field. However, it is designed, first and foremost, for children, families, and TVIs. By building a digital tool, and embedding comprehensive learning opportunities throughout, the Perkins CVI Protocol is the first resource of its kind not only to be accessible to families and TVIs without a formal background in CVI, but it is designed to build competency for vision professionals while simultaneously addressing the unique needs of the individual child at hand. 

This digital tool offers more than just a functional vision assessment—it will create a series of reports to help parents, TVIs, school systems, and medical professionals understand and meet the unique needs of each individual child with CVI. 

The Perkins CVI Protocol is in development. We’re building a secure, robust digital application of the CVI Protocol. Sign up here to be the first to know when it’s ready. In the meantime, read about the 16 areas of assessment on which we’re building this ground-breaking CVI Protocol. 

What sets the CVI Perkins Protocol apart?


  • Grounded in the most current scientific research and currently being vetted by 15+ leading medical experts
  • Developed in collaboration with leading academic research scientists


  • Takes an inclusive, whole-child approach to best understand the child’s unique learning needs
  • Offers embedded learning opportunities, making it accessible for TVIs regardless of prior knowledge of CVI


  • Digital format allows the tool to evolve with the science, representing the most current understanding of CVI
  • Digital format enables every child with CVI, no matter the zip code, to be comprehensively assessed and supported
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