The Perkins CVI Protocol

A first-of-its-kind digital assessment tool based in scientific research and inclusive of all kids with CVI.

The CVI Protocol 

At Perkins, we believe that all children can learn to access their world. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce The CVI Protocol, a whole-child initiative tailored to reach as many families, educators, and medical professionals as possible around this shared mission. Collective wisdom ensures greater understanding of CVI’s impact. 

Our goals for The CVI Protocol Platform are twofold: assessment for people with CVI and collaborative mentoring for educators through

What are the core beliefs of The CVI Protocol?

At Perkins, we believe that:

About the CVI Protocol

The diagnostic rate of CVI is less than 20%. For every diagnosed patient, there are four more likely cases of CVI. Many kids with CVI are missed. A comprehensive assessment can help support a diagnosis of CVI by a medical professional. 

The CVI Protocol offers:

How we developed the framework for the CVI Protocol

We designed and trialed a component of The CVI Protocol in conjunction with EdCount; independent consultants focused on research design, validity, and reliability. We compiled a research library with 120-plus articles informing the design of the Protocol, conducted 115 assessments using the new framework, vetted the tool with eight leading medical researchers, and trialed the parent interview of The CVI Protocol Platform with TVIs from 11 states and found a high degree of reliability (84 percent), regardless of an individual’s prior knowledge of CVI. The digital platform allows for dynamic growth and development.

The Perkins CVI Protocol is:

Key parts of the CVI Protocol

Outputs of the CVI Protocol:

The Perkins CVI Protocol is in development. We’re building a secure, digital assessment tool. Sign up here to be the first to know when it’s ready. In the meantime, read about the 16 areas of assessment on which we’re building this ground-breaking CVI Protocol Platform. 

Every person with CVI has a right to life-changing access. Learn more about the leading cause of childhood blindness.

What sets the CVI Perkins Protocol apart?


  • Grounded in the most current scientific research and currently being vetted by 15+ leading medical experts
  • Developed in collaboration with leading academic research scientists


  • Takes an inclusive, whole-child approach to best understand the child’s unique learning needs
  • Offers embedded learning opportunities, making it accessible for TVIs regardless of prior knowledge of CVI


  • Digital format allows the tool to evolve with the science, representing the most current understanding of CVI
  • Digital format enables every child with CVI, no matter the zip code, to be comprehensively assessed and supported
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The Perkins CVI Protocol overview presentation

Boy placing a puzzle piece into a puzzle board

Perkins CVI Protocol: A digital assessment system and educational roadmap

Young child using an iPad on a stand with support at the elbow

Add an iPad to your Functional Vision Assessment/Learning Media Assessment Kit