The Perkins CVI Protocol overview presentation

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The Perkins CVI Protocol is built to give families, TVIs and practitioners in the field the tools they need to help children with the leading cause of childhood blindness. Download our latest overview presentation to learn about the development of Perkins’ new digital assessment tool and the opportunity it provides to expand evaluation, learning, and further research into CVI including:

insights into the evolving research and perspectives around CVI that inform the need for a comprehensive, whole-child assessment process rooted in current research
details about what the content and process looks like in the Part 1 beta release of the Perkins CVI Protocol
discussion of results from the CVI Protocol Coherence Study that includes medical professional content evaluation, parent interview pilot, and national field testing with TVIs nationwide (results currently in process)
goals for the next steps in the development of the Perkins CVI Protocol.

About the Perkins CVI Protocol

We’re striving for the Perkins CVI Protocol design to be a collaborative process and tap into the collective wisdom of the CVI community. We look forward to your honest and constructive feedback to ensure that every child with CVI receives a high-quality assessment, regardless of who they are, where they are, or how their CVI impacts their life.

Download the presentation to get the most updated information about the CVI Protocol and be a part of our learning community striving to ensure all children with CVI are fully understood and get life-changing access.

How it works

The Perkins CVI Protocol provides two important things: assessment and mentorship.

It offers assessment for visual and compensatory skills. The process is grounded in Perkins’ expertise and focused on 16 key assessment areas, rooted in the latest research. It also goes deeper to create a series of tailored reports to help parents, TVIs, school systems, and medical professionals understand and meet the unique needs of each individual child with CVI.

At Perkins, we want you to know: There is hope. There is support. And, now, there’s a groundbreaking way to drive change for your child. Together, we can help kids with CVI learn to access their world.

Perkins is urgently confronting the leading cause of childhood blindness. The Perkins CVI Protocol will change the game for those who need it most.

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