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The changing landscape of math education for learners with visual impairment: Webinar

Learn about what's happening in math education and its implications for TVIs, students and educators.

Updated 11/21/23

Editor’s Note: Campbell’s shared her amazing story about how she succeeds in college-level math courses and what digital math tools she wished she had learned earlier. Dr. Crossland gave his perspective as a college math professor working with Campbell to make math accessible. You do not want to miss this free webinar, available below!

Math instruction in the K-12 system, as well as in the college environment, has evolved. It’s moved beyond the paper and pencil worksheets of the past (or the braille and tactile worksheets for visually impaired students) to digital delivery, via digital textbooks and online tools for both learning material, for calculations, and for expressing problems and answers. Students encounter these tools in early elementary school, through iPad based games and practice for younger students. By high school, laptop based tools combined with braille devices allow students to engage in, study, and write more advanced topics for students in Algebra 1 and 2 in high school. But these exciting tools require instruction for students with visual impairments. Yet, what is the role of a TVI in this new world? What skills must a TVI teach to allow the development of these more contemporary math access skills? What role does the math teacher play?    

This evolution has been quiet and extremely rapid; it’s time to begin the discussion of what to teach and why!  

This free webinar, which will introduce a range of issues, to begin to explore best practices. This guided discussion will introduce you to the new world of math, and to explore how we can shift our practice to better prepare our students for their post secondary plans, including college study and employment.  This is the first of a series of initiatives to explore and address this emerging issue, launched by College Success @ Perkins.


Moderated by Leslie Thatcher, Director of Perkins’ College Success and Compass Coach

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The Changing Landscape of Math Education Webinar:

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