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Ten Reasons You Should Call a Security Escort

Make sure you get to your dorm safe - call a security escort if any of these things are happening.

This post was suggested by a security escort at my college, who said they wanted more people to know that they are there to help keep others safe. Thank you, security escorts, for helping to keep me and my friends safe and encouraging us to use your resources!

I’m very lucky to attend a college that has a 24/7 safety and security escort service for students. I have used it many times for various reasons, and so have my friends. Here are ten reasons you should call a security escort, featuring situations that have happened to me or one of my friends.

You’re walking in the dark alone

While it might be the safest campus in the state, you still might feel a little uneasy having to walk across campus, or even walk across the street, alone in the dark. Security escorts are there to make the experience far less scary and protect you from being a target of crime.

Your friend is acting weird

So you had someone to walk back with, but they’re acting weird. Maybe there’s something in the water, or they keep making uncomfortable statements. There is no reason to jeopardize your safety though, so go ahead and call for someone else to walk with you. They might send a separate escort for your friend too.

None of your surroundings look familiar

Did you take a series of left turns and end up in the middle of a forest on campus? Don’t worry, I did that once too (more on that in my navigation post here). Security can help you find your way back.

There’s dangerous weather that makes navigation difficult

A sudden lightning or snow storm can be very dangerous for anyone, but especially those who use blindness canes. Don’t try and brave the storm, call for assistance and see what guidance they have to offer. Read my post on navigating in the rain here.

There is a foreseeable obstacle

Is there a pothole the size of a car right on the main path? Is the side street flooded? All of these are safety hazards, and while there will likely be an alert for students on how to handle it, it never hurts to ask for help.

You think you’re being followed

Has a weird person been following you or asking uncomfortable questions? Ask security to walk with you to a safe location or have them meet you at a nearby landmark. Whatever you do, don’t go off of the main path unless otherwise instructed to do so.

You have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors

So you called your roommate to walk back with you, and the fire alarm was going off in the background while someone was screaming. Or maybe they sounded like there was another suspicious situation going down in the room. Having a security escort with you when you open the door can be invaluable, especially if there is reckless behavior taking place.

You are at a high risk for injury

Did you just slip on ice and tumble into a snowbank? Alternatively, did you watch someone do that and think it could happen to you? Having someone there as a guide to ensure these things don’t repeat themselves (or happen in the first place) is a great idea.

You don’t feel well

Do you feel like you’re about to pass out? Is the world spinning? Have you already thrown up twice in the bushes? Mention in your symptoms when requesting an escort, as they might send a medical assist. If you feel like you might have ingested something dangerous, alert them to this as well.

You feel unsafe for any reason

There is rarely a bad reason to call for a security escort, so go ahead and make the call if you’re worried for any reason. As an officer once told me, it’s easier to walk someone back to their apartment than it is to start a search party for them.


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