Technology Lesson Plans: Excel and PowerPoint

Free lesson plans to introduce second and third grade students to Excel and PowerPoint.

Classrooms are fully embracing technology in early elementary grades. Sighted kindergarten and first grade students might be drawing simple graphs and charts on paper with crayons, but these same students are using Excel spreadsheets to create simple graphs and charts by second and third grade. K5 Computer Lab has free technology lesson plans that start with simple skills and age-appropriate content.  These resources are great for teachers learning to use technology themselves and for teachers who are looking for prepared lesson plans. 

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The Excel Lesson Plan – a Simple Bar Chart teaches students how to create a simple bar chart using Excel. This activity is geared for second and third grade students. To access the additional Excel lesson plans – organized by grade levels/skills – select Excel in the menu located down the left side of the website. There are 31 Excel lesson plans starting with the simple bar chart and progressing to more complex Excel expenses and budgets. 


The Amazing Animal PowerPoint activity teaches students to create a PowerPoint Presentation about an animal’s unique features and adaptations. This activity is geared for Grade 3+. A template is provided along with an example PowerPoint presentation. To access the additional PowerPoint lesson plans, select PowerPoint in the menu located down the left side of the website. There are currently 67 PowerPoint activities/templates covering a wide range of topics and technology skills.


These lesson plans include quick video clips (which unfortunately are visual only); however, the step-by-step written instructions accompany the video clips. The free tutorial downloads are PDFs that screen readers can access. Most images do not have alt tag descriptions. 

By Diane Brauner

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How to Create Accessible PowerPoints

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Be My Eyes app: Facial recognition feature?

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I don’t need an IEP!