Technology competencies for college-ready students with visual impairments

A hand holding a iPhone on the Voiceover screen

Using technology efficiently is essential for 21st-century students to flourish in education and beyond.

While the development of technology standards have been prioritized, created and adopted at the local level and worldwide, these resources often neglect the unique considerations of students with visual impairments.

Our Technology Competencies Guide was built specifically for this population by professionals in technology, blindness education and rehabilitation from around the nation. These competencies are designed to begin the conversations between the student and their team, including teachers and parents, to create and implement a plan ensuring competency in technology. This will then allow students with visual impairment to compete alongside their typically sighted peers as they plan their lives after high school.

The checklist was succinctly done and, at the same time, on par with current technology – I shared the link with all my colleagues! – TVI, Colorado

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