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Tech, Literacy & Education Equity for College Aspiring Learners Webinar

Understanding the barriers to success in college and career for students who are blind and low vision.

Updated July 14, 2021 to include the recording of this amazing webinar!

The Perkins College Success program is sponsoring the free Tech, Literacy and Educational Equity: Exploring What’s Next and Necessary for College-Aspiring Learners with Blindness and Low Vision, a two-part webinar series. Learn how your student can prepare for success in college and career through these two webinars.

“Reading Brain in a Digital Culture – Promise and Concerns” a lecture and interactive discussion with renowned children’s literacy advocate, Dr. Maryanne Wolf, along with a panel of blindness experts who will discuss the implications of current research on the reading brain for students with blindness and visual impairments. Wednesday, June 23rd at 3 pm Eastern. Registration Link here.

Save the date for the second session on July 21st with Dr. Yue-Ting Siu, TVI and assistant professor in the Program for Visual Impairments in the Department of Special Education at San Francisco State University.

By Diane Brauner

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Creating Headings for a Screen Reader: Lesson Plan

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Inference Activities Part 1: Hands on Activities

StellarTrek, a small handheld GPS device with 9 buttons.

StellarTrek: O&M Tool