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Tech bootcamps for high school graduates

2023 Microsoft Suite and Google Suite training opportunities for blind and low vision high school grads!

Tech skills are essential for succeeding in professional settings.

That’s why Career Launch’s virtual Tech Bootcamp is designed specifically to teach blind and visually impaired adults how to use access technology to work effectively and efficiently with the tools most commonly used in the workplace: Google Suite and Microsoft Suite. Here are the details:

What you’ll learn

Curriculum focuses on editing and formatting documents, working with spreadsheets, connecting to and sharing content with colleagues, reading and creating compelling slide decks, navigating and using calendar applications, and conferencing via Zoom.

How you’ll learn

Each week-long, virtual session costs $250 and includes 20 hours of coursework, including live classes taught via Zoom, independent assignments submitted via email as well as assessments before and after the session (for participants as well as their VR counselors, if applicable). 

When you’ll learn

Tech Bootcamp is scheduled for early 2023 – and we’re currently accepting applications:

Who should apply? 

The ideal candidate is 18+ with a high school diploma; currently a student, seeking work or actively employed; and has access to the necessary technology for the program – including a desktop or laptop computer, reliable high-speed internet, access to Google Workspace (free) and/or Microsoft Suite (paid license).

Class size is limited – and interested candidates should apply as soon as possible for consideration.

For more information, visit our website or send us an email at [email protected]

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