A boy waters plants with his teacher

Teaching Responsibility Through Plant Care

Learning to take care of plants is a good way to practice independent living skills, such as planning, organization, problem solving and taking responsibility.

As students who are blind or have low vision prepare to transition to adult life, parents and teachers try to ensure that they have the daily living skills they will need. We often focus on the concrete, measurable skills of daily living, such as skills of meal preparation or money management. However, there are several other less tangible skills that students build as they transition into adulthood. Many of these less tangible skills are the skills that build the foundation for independent living, as well as for success in work or community life.

The activity below is designed to help students who are blind or low vision build skills of responsibility, planning, and problem solving through learning to care for a house plant.

Collage of watering plants

By Courtney Tabor-Abbott


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