thermometer on a wood deck

Teaching the Concept of the Thermometer

Hands-on activity to teach students who are blind or visually impaired about the concepts of the thermometer.

A brilliant and very simple idea shared by a creative Teacher of VI from Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College is an ingenious idea to teach the concept of how a thermometer works. 

The thermometer is made from a yellow bead threaded onto a length of dowel, mounted on a board that is painted. 

The red/blue bead at each end of the dowel is a square wooden bead, drilled through to screw everything in place. 

The numbers are mounted on a strip of fridge magnet so that you change them to suit your topic. For example, you could make the scale go from 0 to100, -10 to +10, use decimals, etc. 

thermometer collage

By Gwyn McCormack, PositiveEye

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