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TeachersPayTeachers School Access: Free During School Closures

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TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. TpT offers more than 3 million free and paid resources created by inspired PreK-12th grade educators. The TpT community is over six million strong!

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While these resources are not necessarily accessible, I personally have used many of these creative activities with students, some with slight modifications to make the activity accessible. Several of the free TpT activities – with written permission from the authors – have been the foundation of Paths to Technology posts, including the very popular post, Inference Activities Part 1: Hands on Activities (FYI: 17,000+ TVIs have read this Paths to Technology Inference post!) Note: This Inference post is a perfect activity for students during school closures!

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TpT Free During COVID-19 School Closures

TpT School Access is a school-wide subscription to a library of over 3 million TpT resources. There are 3 steps to free subscriptions to the TpT School Access:

  1. Refer your principal
  2. Your principal attends an onboarding webinar
  3. Every teacher at your school can access resources through TpT School Access

More details about this exciting offer here.

Note: At this time, TpT School Access is only available to U.S. schools.

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By Diane Brauner

Yard full of colorful balloons attached to Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

A basket of colorful Easter eggs.

Easter Writing/Tech Activities for Students Who Use Screen Readers

Photo of Rishab, a junior in high school.

Digitally accessible math worksheets Part 2: Video tutorial