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TBSVI Short-Term Programs Class Videos

Video tutorials for Orion TI-84, abacus, JAWS, and iOS designed for students!

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a leader in our field. For many years, the TSBVI Short-Term Programs (STP) has excelled in teaching technology to students with visual impairments and in Texas and beyond with both face-to-face training with students and remote training. TSBVI’s Short-Term Programs team has numerous blog posts on Paths to Technology. (See the list of STP blog posts here.) STP has recently shared the information below on several listservs, reminding TVIs, students and families about their video classes available on YouTube. These video classes are perfect for students who are receiving remote instruction during COVID-19 school closures. Note: There are multiple videos under each playlist, so be sure to browse through the entire list of these fantastic available training videos! There are 14 videos under the Orion TI-84 playlist!


“TBSVI Short-Term Programs distance learning classes now are available on our TSBVI STPonline YouTube channel. These classes were designed for students, although we ask TVIS to be present to help should any technical issues arise. We typically put these videos in Google Classroom so we can facilitate the class with questions/comments. To get these classes out to the wider community, we decided to organize each class as a YouTube playlist, so they are easy to view in the correct order. Have at ’em! (Disclaimer some of these were created two years ago and may need slight updates.)”

By Diane Brauner

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