Tar Heel Well symbol:  The old well covered with dome in Carolina Blue color.

Tar Heel Reader: Create and Read Accessible Books

Free accessible books for older students who are beginner readers.

Tar Heel Reader is a very popular collection of free, easy-to-read books. Students can create their own books, teachers can create customized books for students, and users can select books created by others.  Tar Heel Reader is a growing library of accessible, beginning level readers for students of all ages.  This website offers 1, 2 and 3 switch access to books that are authored by more than 10,000 educators, students, families and volunteers around the world! It is available in numerous languages and is accessible with screen readers and refreshable braille displays.  Tar Heel Reader is compatible with computers and tablets.  Tar Heel Reader books can also be opened and read in iBooks on the iPad.

Tar Heel Reader is compatible with switch access. Learn more about switch access here.

The teacher-created Tar Heel Reader video below demonstrates Tar Heel Reader basics.



By Diane Brauner

Ish book cover with an illustration of a child running with a paintbrush and text: Peter H Reynolds

“Ish” book: Drawing, estimating, and digital table activities

Image of the graphed y = sin(x) equation

Understanding Desmos: Sonification lessons

Black and white image of a lion

Safari animal sounds: ePub and tactile graphic activities