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Tactile to Digital Part 3: Creating a Tactile Overlay On the Go!

Two quick and easy methods to create simple iPad overlays of screens with rows, grids, tables, etc. designed to develop spatial skills.

What if you are in the middle of a tech lesson and your student would benefit from a tactile overlay of the iPad screen? This post shows two quick and easy ways to create simple iPad overlays without an embosser or PIAF/Swell graphics machine. The app being showcased in the video is the free APH CodeQuest app, a coding concept app in which the player has to determine the path that the astronaut must take to reach his rocket ship. The path/maze is basically a grid with open and blocked off areas.

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In the video below, Jessica quickly shared two methods on how she traced the CodeQuest grid on to paper and then created a tactile graphic of the grid. Method 1, she used a Sensational Blackboard to draw a raised line image of the grid. Method 2, is she placed graphic tape on the grid lines.

Editor’s Note: I recommend taking a screenshot of the CodeQuest grid and tracing the photo. If tracing the actual app, you may activate buttons in the app!


Top Reasons for the CodeQuest Overlay


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