Summary Pages

A summary page is a comprehensive list of organized links to Paths to Technology posts on a specific topic. Each summary page enables users to find all of the available information on a hot topic quickly. These summary pages are updated each time a new post is published on that topic.

Coding Summary Page

Learn how students with low vision or blindness can fully participate in coding activities. These coding-related posts including unplugged activities, accessible coding apps, coding concepts, robots, programming languages, and more!

Math Apps Summary Page for K-3rd Grade

Need help getting started with introducing young students to accessible digital math skills? Learn about math-related tech skills, transitioning from manipulatives and tactile materials to digital math, accessible math apps and more! 

SAS Graphics Accelerator Summary Page

SAS Graphics Accelerator is a free Chrome extension that enables blind and low vision users to access digital charts, graphs and maps. Learn more about how to create and use these non-visual digital graphics! 

Generic bar chart image

Season-Themed Summary Page

Educators are always searching for ways to make lessons fresh and exciting! Using seasonal-themed activities provides creative learning opportunities that engage students. Quickly find seasonal activities with this list of posts organized by themes and seasons.

4 cartoon trees demonstrating the seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter
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Sonification Summary Page

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or to perceptualize data. Learn how cutting-edge sonification is used to make math, science, coding, O&M and other subjects accessible.

Digital Math Summary Page

Resources for accessible digital math: How to create digital assignments, how to complete assignments with a screen reader, accessible math apps, lessons and more!

Smiling woman sitting on a campus bench studying on her laptop.

Reading Chegg eTextbooks with low vision

Three girls hold on tight to each other while they hop to the finish line in a sack race.

Perkins ELP alum organizes inclusive adventure camp in the Philippines

evaluation checklist form

Instructor evaluations and low vision