Stuff and Seal

Stuff, Seal and Stamp Mail

Students practice fine motor planning to assemble mail envelopes and packages.

Functional activities are the cornerstone of a vocational training program. Functional activities are those that involve practical skills that the student encounters in everyday life and will probably encounter in the work setting. This hands-on activity gives students packaging and insertion skills, while teaching them left-to-right progression, one-to-one correspondence, and social interaction and cooperative work skills. Students can practice this by doing it for their school office. Lessons include Independent Living Skills and Orientation and Mobility.

Have four students sit at a long table. Ask the first student to fold the paper into thirds (using a folding jig, if needed). Each of the other students will do one of the following tasks:

A postage meter may also be used to stamp envelopes.

Hint: Rather than purchasing postage stamps for practice, use assorted picture stamps from wildlife societies, etc.



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