Quick study tips for high school students with visual impairments

A teen using a tablet device with air buds.

College readiness can’t wait.

College readiness isn’t just about academics. It’s about building a well-rounded set of skills that will serve as a strong foundation for a successful future.

It can feel overwhelming – especially for students who are blind or visually impaired – but there are small, simple everyday things you can do to get started.

Ready to take the first step? Download this guide for tips that will begin to build college readiness skills for the whole student – from academics to independence, self-advocacy, confidence and more.

This guide will help you and your student:

  • Take stock of where they are now
  • Get a sense of where they want to go
  • Start building the skills to get them there

To check out our other resources and learn more, visit College Success @ Perkins.



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