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Student’s Outline for eMail to New 8th Grade Teachers

A rising 8th grader and his TVI build self-advocacy skills.

TVI’s Comments

This little artifact is written by Pasta Guy while we (his TVI) sat around and chatted about what he needs in classes, and what information he needs to communicate to his new teachers next school year. We agreed that he would send an email to all of his new 8th grade teachers when he gets his schedule in August, and in order to prepare him to write that email independently, we met and put this outline of his needs together. 

He came up with each piece of information independently, with simple guiding questions from me. The most direction I gave him was how to format the outline and group the information together to help organize. I’m most excited about this outline because it shows how deeply he understands why he needs the tools he uses, and ultimately demonstrates that he can advocate for his accessibility needs in school. Having these skills will allow him to work more directly with his classroom teachers while we can focus our TVI lessons on using his various tools more efficiently and other areas of the ECC. 

Pasta Guy’s Outline

Stuff to include in email:

Describe visual impairment and challenges in how you see

My equipment and why I use it

Explain how teachers need to get work to me


By Pasta guy

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