Student waiting on customer in the student store

Student Store

Practice math skills among other skills through shopping activities.

Many skills can be taught through a student store, snack bar, or some kind of a small canteen or shop.  Products may be made by the students themselves (such as baked goods being made in a cooking class) or commercially-available products may be sold.  Some of the skills that can be taught through this activity include:

Girl working in student store





Collage of Student Store


By Charlotte Cushman

Coloring page image of a dice with 6 circles in a 2x3 array.

Subitising Using Dice Activity

Ish book cover with an illustration of a child running with a paintbrush and text: Peter H Reynolds

“Ish” book: Drawing, estimating, and digital table activities

Image of the graphed y = sin(x) equation

Understanding Desmos: Sonification lessons